Project : Neelam Redevelopment Project
Product : Shock Cell, Pile Grippers 96”, Barge Bumper Assembly, Rotating Rubber Ring, Boat Landing Rub strip, Jacket   Leg Rub strip, Boat Landing Rub Strip, Diaphragm Closure

SILENT FEATURE: Heavy Duty Cone Fender designed & supplied for the safe berthing of  Oil & Crud tanker for refinery application.
PRODUCT: Cone Fendering System
MODEL: DCN 1800H Qty : 11 Nos.
Place   : KNPC, MAA Refinery

SILENT FEATURE: All types of application to ensure a safe berthing of various types of vessels.
PRODUCT: Cylindrical Fender
MODEL: DCY 600 x 1000mm L
Qty.: 71 Nos.
Country    : Mauritius

Project : EPCIC of Mumbai High South Redevelopment Phase 3 - MHSRD III
Product : Diaphragm Closure, Grout Seal wiper Assembly, Grout Packer, Shear Fender, Shock Cell,  Boat Landing Rub Strip

SILENT FEATURE: 2250h height giant Fender with heavy duty steel frames to accommodate impact of range of vessel from smallest to largest.
PRODUCT: Cell Fendering System
Qty.: 14 Nos.
Place : NSIGT Project, JNPT Port

SILENT FEATURE: Have better energy/ reaction force ratio & recommended for safe berthing of various types of vessels.
PRODUCT: Arch Fender
MODEL: DAVP 500H x 2150mm L
Qty.: 62 Nos.
Country    : Saudi Arabia

Project : BP Tangguh Exp. Project Offshore EPCI,
Product : Diaphragm Closure

SILENT FEATURE: Evenly spaced Element fenders with steel frontal Frame with superior energy /reaction force compare to direct contact fenders.     
PRODUCT: Element Fender
MODEL: DIVE 1450H x  1000mm Long with frontal frame                                        
Qty.:  17 Nos.
Place : Port of Oakland CA