Offshore Wind Energy Foundation Products

IRM Offshore & Marine Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has been operating for over 60 years and continues to evolve today, servicing the needs of the offshore platform industry.

IRM manufacture key components for the construction of offshore platforms and substructures for offshore wind turbines, including pile grippers, grout seals, leg mating units, and diaphragm closure units. With our in-house design and testing capability, we are able to offer safe, reliable, cost-effective solutions that help reduce the risks associated with offshore platform construction. IRM has a track record of Supplying Offshore installation aids and protection systems for more than 140 offshore platforms.

IRM Pile Grippers

IRM pile grippers assist in leveling during jacket installation and secure the structure both prior to grouting ...
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IRM Grout Seal

Grout Seals are the superior alternative to Inflatable Grout Packers. These Grout Seals do not require any...
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IRM Leg Mating Unit

Leg Mating Unit (LMU) is specially designed for the smooth installation of the top deck on the jacket legs...
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IRM Diaphragm Closure

Diaphragm Closures are the most important and critical installation aid for the launching of Offshore Jacket...
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